воскресенье, 25 октября 2015 г.

Hello Everyone,
I am Jeanne, a pure blonde with slender figure, long legs and small bosom. I am one girl with whom you would like to get naughty as the apartment door is shut.
I am expert in seductive dancing especially in striptease and lap dancing. porno de Madrid I love taking my clothes off privately for you. Once almost naked, I would like you to gently lay me on floor and kiss me from top to bottom. I am fond of whole body kissing, sensual massage or anything that involves your hands or lips moving all over my body.
Apart from playing a perfect seductress; I am also good in playing your loving girlfriend too. I love going for a romantic dinner, attending a social function and finally coming to my apartment to make this date a perfect one.
Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to play your devoted girlfriend for some hours.

My sex story

 I had a dream fantasy of going on a long drive with my boyfriend and have lot of sex. Unfortunately, I am still single and it remained a fantasy till one day I met a guy who proposed to go on long drive with me. I was thrilled to grab this opportunity.
 The guy turned out to be a cool rock star. He was looking for a girl to spend a romantic night and found me quite hot while looking at my photos. He arrived at my apartment on time. They guy was really sexy. He was 6 feet tall, slim and trim. He was wearing black jacket with black jean and was looking really hot. He didn’t say any hi or hello like a regular guy and just told me to get into the car. He had rock concert next day and wanted some hot sex session to relax his nerves.
 I did as he told me to do. I jumped into the car. I also picked a bottle of wine and some chicken snacks for meal so that we do not remain hungry.  Then, both of us hit the road and were out of city within 30 minutes.  He took his car to nearby forest and stopped his car.
 First, we had chicken snacks with red wine. Then, he started fondling my right breasts; soon his hand went inside my skirt. Now, his firm hands were touching my soft nipples, I utter a soft moan when he fondled my tits.  Seeing me getting hot, he put his lips on mine and start giving me deep French kissing. I removed all his clothes except his underwear while he ripped my dress apart.  I was sexy white lingerie now.  After lips, he started kissing my neck while I put my hand inside his underwear and start massaging his cock.  My hand soon becomes wet with his sperms. He put my mouth near his underwear. Now I understood what exactly he wanted me to do. I removed his underwear and start sucking his beautiful cock. He kept on pushing his cock inside my mouth.  We kept on doing this till he ejaculated in my mouth. I washed my mouth with mineral water.
 After that, he spread my legs, removes my underwear and inserted his wet cock inside my vagina. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. While he was fucking me, his hands were fondling my breasts. Soon, he started kissing my lips while fucking.  After some time both of us reached climax of our sexual encounter.  He released his sperm inside my body and I had an orgasm.
 He dropped me back to my apartment and went to practice for his rock concert.  Sex with rock star had remained my best sexual encounter till date. It was thrilling as well as exciting. I wish I had more of it. He promised me to come back and I am still waiting for my lover.

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